education planning

Education Planning

Education is one of the largest financial burdens a family will incur.  While the 10-year historical rate of tuition cost increase has been approximately 6%, the College Board reported last fall that average in-state tuition and fees at four-year public colleges surged 8.3%.  These increases are substantially higher than the general inflation rate and higher than the average increase in personal incomes.

From a September 25, 2012 MarketWatch article:
“In an era of dubious economic milestones, it was yet another lowlight. This spring, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Americans’ total student-loan debt ballooned to more than $900 billion — higher than their total credit-card debt. And no wonder the debt is piling up: Over the past two decades, the price of tuition has risen 20 times as fast as the average college grad’s wages.
Statistics like these help to flesh out a now-familiar message: The cost of college has escalated from unsettling to obscene. College administrators say that the soaring price tags reflect the rising costs of their own biggest expenses — faculty salaries and state-of-the-art dorms and facilities.”

529 plans, Coverdell ESAs, federal aid programs, student loans, parent loans, scholarships, prepaid tuition plans and other tax-advantaged plans for education savings are all elements to consider when planning for your children's or grandchildren’s education.  The choices can be overwhelming and confusing.  Futurity Capital can help you decide on the best plan for your family.  It is never too early to begin saving and investing for your child's future!

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