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Statistics tell us that over 2 million people trade their own accounts from home each day and that 97% of these traders are individual investors.  The vast majority lose money.  In fact, a recent study shows that 70% of the traders analyzed will not only lose, but will most likely lose everything they invest.
In contrast to the traders, there are the small investors who buy a stock and fall in love with it.  Emotions cloud their judgment making it difficult to sell the position when the price begins to plummet or the company fundamentals deteriorate.
Of course, a great many investors buy and forget.  Investing for the long term does not mean holding a position forever or that situations are not subject to change.  It is for these reasons that investing is best left to the professionals.

At Futurity Capital, we offer Investment Management Services designed specifically to meet your goals.  We sit down with you and discuss your investment objectives and how best to achieve these goals.  Our services include:

•   Portfolio strategy
•   Investment management
•   Risk management
•   ESG investing

One of the foremost reasons to use an independent RIA is our ability to provide unbiased advice.  We do not receive commissions, so any advice we give to clients is completely impartial. There is not any investment product sale from which we benefit -  something that is absolutely not the case with stock brokers and insurance sales people.

Complimentary Portfolio Reviews - Futurity Capital offers portfolios of $50,000 or more a portfolio review, gratis. If you would like a free second opinion about the health of your investments, please call us at (540) 441-7699.
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