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Retirement Lifestyle Planning

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Let us help you understand:
•    When and how much you might need to retire.
•    When to consider taking Social Security.
•    The status of your existing savings and investments.
•    Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) - what and when.
•    How to balance income with expenses.
•    What steps to take based on your individual situation.

According to Yale Professor Robert Shiller :
50 million Americans had 401(k) plans worth $2.5 trillion at the 2007 market top which subsequently lost over $1 trillion by October 2008. Another $1 trillion in IRA assets have vanished as well. Over 50% of households are financially unprepared and lagging greatly on retirement savings!!

Financial security means achieving financial independence so as to maintain a desired lifestyle without employment income.  Retirement plans play an essential role in the pursuit of financial security.  A plan offers an individual the opportunity to accumulate assets that can later be used to provide a stable standard of living and financial security during retirement.  As employer funding and the availability of pension plans have diminished, and life expectancy has increased, individuals have begun to realize the importance of planning for retirement through their own savings and investments.  Futurity Capital can help you understand both the factors that impact retirement planning, and the interrelationship of these factors.  We will work with you to determine what income you will need to maintain your desired life style and what sort of savings and/or investments will best provide for that future income.  It is never too early, or too late, to plan for your future.

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